Sitali Pranayama or " cooling breath" have a cooling and calming effect on the nervous system. It is incredibly effective! Much like animals do, this breathing yoga technique

(pranayama) works by passing the breath over the tongue and cooling the body from the inside.

How to do Sitali:

1.- Sit comfortably in a chair with spine and neck in a straight line or in any meditative posture of your choice.

Important: head, neck, and spine erect in one line. (business as usual my yogini's ;)

2.- Calm down and bring your attention to your body and breath (Let your TO DOs list out of your head)

3.- Curl your tongue and bring it out on sides towards the center to form a tube-like shape (or a taco shape).

4.- Inhale through the tube-form tongue and towards the end of inhalation 3 to 5 times, now bring your tong to your palate ( roof of the mouth), close your mouth and hold your breath for 5-8 secs.

5.-Exhale completely and softly through your nostrils.

Steps 1 to 5 are one breath round,repeat at least 5 to ten rounds.

Enjoy, keep calm and drink water.

Namaste !

Please share with every " melting" friend that can benefit from this breath technique!

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Hi beautiful people!

I am so glad you are taking the time to become the best version of yourself.

Today I would like to propose to introduce a 5 minutes yoga practice into your daily routine.

5 minutes is something we can easily incorporate to our busy days. So NO EXCUSES.

Maybe you are thinking right now : really? Yoga to detox?

Let me tell you, detox it is not only about what you eat or drink, exercise actually helps your body to detoxify itself. Exercise is an important part of any detoxification program. Moving the body creates the conditions for the body to breathe, stretch, circulate and sweat.

Almost all of us sleep in a closed room for a minimum of 6 hours a day.

This causes 3 things:

  • Poor oxygenation (because the room is loaded with carbon dioxide)

  • muscle seizure (due to the immobility of night rest) and

  • deactivation of the digestive system and slight dehydration (because we have not eaten or drank nothing all night).

Well, by now it is clear that we must solve this, but how? First, we need to oxygenate, to activate the muscles (especially the back, which is the one that suffers most) and to hydrate your body ( drink water).

Yoga combine both: the breathing and the move, you will feel the diference in you body after the practice.


Start by standing tall in mountain pose "tandasana" (Figure 1)

Inhale ,arms up , palms together , look up

On the exhale,bend forward bringing the chest in the direccion of your tights

On the inhalation look in front of you

On the exhale step back into plank.

On the inhale lift the chest up and exhale into downwards facing dog (Take 5 deep breaths in this position)

Look between your hands, step forward to your hands and inhale

Hands in front of your hart ,exhale

Repeat steps 1 to 8 five times, and go with the flow:

Don't forget, like almost everything in life, the key to success is in the routines. It is easy for us to start practicing, but the success lies in the acquisition of easy-to-follow routines. It is better little work continued over time, than long sessions with little continuity. Give it a try and keep trying!

-Yoga is not about touching your toes… it's about what you learn on the way down. -

With love xxx

Hey my dear Yogi´s !

Today I am bringing you a delicious smoothie recipe. It is just such a tasty way of getting vitamins and minerals to start your day. It only takes 5 minutes to get this smoothie done, wanna give it a try? You will love it and your skin and body too.

(If you like it, please share, don´t forget that "caring is sharing" )


· 1 cup blueberries

· 1 cup diced apples

· 1 cup coconut water


1. Place all items into a blender and mix well.


Thinner Smoothie: Use 1 coconut water Thicker Smoothie: Use 1/2 coconut water



Maintains healthy bones

Blueberries contain iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Adequate intake of these minerals and vitamins contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.

Iron and zinc fulfil crucial roles in maintaining the strength and elasticity of bones and joints.An ideal complement to your yoga routine.


"An appel a day keep the doctor away"

Apples promote heart health in several ways. They're high in soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. They also have polyphenols, which are linked to lower blood pressure and stroke risk.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a good source of nutrients and minerals,a very good alternative to unhealthy beverages and sweetened drinks. Coconut water contains Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium.

Magnesium helps to the funtioning of muscular contraction, lows levels of magnesium causes muscle twitches and cramps.Something you will like to avoid when doing you downward facing dog.

See you on the mat !

With love xxx

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