Cooling breath for hot summer days

Sitali Pranayama or " cooling breath" have a cooling and calming effect on the nervous system. It is incredibly effective! Much like animals do, this breathing yoga technique

(pranayama) works by passing the breath over the tongue and cooling the body from the inside.

How to do Sitali:

1.- Sit comfortably in a chair with spine and neck in a straight line or in any meditative posture of your choice.

Important: head, neck, and spine erect in one line. (business as usual my yogini's ;)

2.- Calm down and bring your attention to your body and breath (Let your TO DOs list out of your head)

3.- Curl your tongue and bring it out on sides towards the center to form a tube-like shape (or a taco shape).

4.- Inhale through the tube-form tongue and towards the end of inhalation 3 to 5 times, now bring your tong to your palate ( roof of the mouth), close your mouth and hold your breath for 5-8 secs.

5.-Exhale completely and softly through your nostrils.

Steps 1 to 5 are one breath round,repeat at least 5 to ten rounds.

Enjoy, keep calm and drink water.

Namaste !

Please share with every " melting" friend that can benefit from this breath technique!

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